by Paisano

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released November 26, 2014

Recorded & Mixed by Julian Borrego @ Lava Rat Home Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Doug Schwartz @ Mulholland Music



all rights reserved


Paisano San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Shoot Shoot!
Fire away,
Fire at your fathers.
Point your noise at your son's and daughters

Lead the way to the way to the bloody communion
Lead us astray, lead us to useless.
Baby, faith is keeping you down

'Men will be boys' with reckless intentions
'Load up the toys and fire at the fences!'
Thinking that then, they'll make amends,
with all of their friends when they're already dead
But you're crazy, and you're speaking too loud

Shoot Shoot
Bang Bang

And if you think you'll fare well by your measure of wealth
Well you can go to hell, because you can't even tell
That you live in a box like a rock staying stable.
You're so fucking square in your cube, with your table

But baby, please don't hate me, I'm just tearing it down

So don't be dead
don't be sorry
Don't regret that your heart was calling
Out to you and you skipped the truth
You missed the cue when you actually knew that
Maybe, you could turn it around

Maybe, you already knew
Track Name: My Love
La la la
My love
Fly alone
Why go
Fly alone
Track Name: Fish Me
Fish me, cast out the line
Splash fast hour glass then crash
Into the tide
It's momentary, forever momentary
We'll swim in limbo, while sinking and while floating

So don't relapse back into my arms
Lets just relax back into free fall
I won't relapse back into your arms
I'll just relax back into free fall

I push, you pull, I pull, you push
Well it's only getting harder.
We could try, (for a while)
We could take a ride, we could take a dive
Into the waters

But I gave a you all I had
And there's no point in turning back
It could be a waste of time
If all I want is peace of...

It don't matter to me
There'll always be another in the sea

So don't relapse back into my arms
Lets just relax back into free fall
I won't relapse back into your arms
I'll just relax back into free fall
Track Name: Tell Me Something
Waiting for the weight of eyelids to
Flutter away
Trying to find some time and silence that
Stays the same
I am so alone without you
and that's Okay
I don't think I'll think much about you
some Other day

Tell me something real
Take me, break me, make me
Show me Something
Track Name: Hasta la Proxima
Mi pequena amor
No sabes dolor
Que siento yo
Sin ti

Eres mas capaz
de traer me paz
Y hacer me
Tan feliz

Pues no, lo pienses mucho
Ha lo oscuro

Hay un mundo mas
Que deslumbra tan
Solitario esta
En mi

Y serenidad
Al mirar al mar
Y saber que hay
Un fin

Hasta la proxima
Ya basta la lastima
Se gastan las lagrimas
En ti

My little love,
you don't know the pain
I feel without you

You are so able
to bring me peace
and make me happy

Well no, don't think about it too much
Goodbye, to the darkness

There's another world more
That dazzles such
And is solitary
In me

And serenity
When watching the sea
and knowing that there is
an End

Until next time.
Enough of the sorrow,
and the tears spent on